Danube Delta – the somewhat different insider tip for vacationers

Do you love the outdoors? And you want a lot of vacation for little money, enriched with history? Then I have a current tip for you.

The Danube Delta is mainly located in the Romanian Tulcea County and partly in the Ukraine. Where is there still so much beautiful and natural nature in Europe?

In a biosphere reserve of almost 6,000 square kilometers there is a huge labyrinth of lakes, canals, islands, alluvial forests and thickets.

According to the tourism organization of the Danube Delta, over 5,000 different animal and plant species can be discovered. The possible list of activities in this region is long.

Canoeing, fishing, bike tours, hiking and boat tours are just a few of the keywords. And all of this takes place in the midst of largely untouched nature.

The region is rounded off by original villages with down-to-earth residents who like to show their respect for nature and show holidaymakers their old culture along the river.

This also includes the tasty and local cuisine and especially the good Dobrogea wines, which are also known and appreciated in royal houses.

The accommodation options range from 5-star luxury hotels with all amenities – such as the „Delta Boutique and Carmen Silva Resort” in Crisan Village or the „Lebada Luxury Resort & Spa” – to thatched guest houses.

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